Pure chargers

Pure chargers

Pure flight solution includes system of chargers and charging stations. You can use our chargers for charging your electric car or airplane because our chargers has CHAdeMO and CCS2 standards. Our charegers are designed for best use all around the world.

  • Supercharger, fast charger and on board charger
  • Able to recharge your electric car or airplane
  • Charging standards CHAdeMo, CCS2 and ΦNIX AERO
  • Pure charging with smart chargers


Nikola is our supercharger. It is named after Nikola Tesla. This charger is able to recharge electric cars and airplanes. Charging time for ΦNIX is up to 80% of capacity just 20 minutes. Charger is controled by mobile app Polyfazer.

  • Power variants: 30 kW, 40 kW, 50 kW, 100 kW or more
  • Charging standards: CHAdeMO, CCS2, ΦNIX AERO
  • Control: mobile app for IOS and Android
  • Able to recharge electric car and airplane


Andre is our fast charger. Charger is named after Andre Marie Ampere. Charging time is several hours and you can recharge your car with this charger. Designed for use at airports and hangars with easy handling and transportation.

  • Power variants: 10 kW, 20kW
  • Charging standards: CHAdeMO, CCS2 and ΦNIX AERO
  • Control: electronical inbuild
  • Easy handling and transportation at airports


Jan is our on board charger. It is named after Jan Kašpar. Jan is small and on board charger, which means you will always fly with this charger and you can visit any airport and plug this charger to a normal socket. Charging time is over night.

  • Power variants: 2,5 kW, 5 kW
  • Charging standards: ΦNIX AERO
  • Control: electronical inbuild
  • You can visit any airport with this charger

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